The objectives of the University are to enrich the knowledge of different streams of Health Sciences and to develop an environment conducive to research in the concerned fields and their practical applications. The prime objective of the University is to create centers and Institutes of excellence in different streams of Health Sciences. Other objectives of the University are as follows, namely:
(1) To develop professional education in different streams of Health Sciences in response to the changing demands of the modern world and society;
(2) To facilitate and encourage teaching, research, and extension in the matters connected with professional education in different streams of Health Sciences;
(3) To facilitate and ensure qualitative improvement in the teaching and learning processes and methodologies;
(4) To facilitate and ensure quality research in the contemporary and frontier areas of knowledge in the field;
(5) To facilitate the needs for and organize the process thereof for lifelong learning;
(6) To disseminate knowledge and research findings emerging from the University, its institutions, or otherwise across the world;
(7) To establish uniformity in standards of education in all faculties of Health Sciences including Modern System of Medicine, Ayush, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Various Paramedical disciplines such as Medical Laboratory Technology, Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, other Para Medical Courses and interdisciplinary fields like Health Economics, Health Administration, Public Health Management, etc. with a view to augmenting and enhancing the quality of such education and consistently aiming at modernizing, improving and achieving the highest standards of academic excellence at all levels on mutual understanding of all the systems of Health Sciences;
(8) To develop centers of excellence for imparting State-of-the-art education, training, and research in the fields of Health Sciences especially those which are not adequately included in the syllabi and curricula of undergraduate and post-graduate medical courses. These shall include population sciences, health systems research, health services research, operational research, health systems and health services management, health structure reforms, human resource development, educational technology, bioinformatics and telematics, medical transcription, epidemiological research technology, continuing education in Health Sciences, and any other branch of Science as may be deemed expedient to be included;
(9) To facilitate the creation and promote knowledge centers in various areas of specialization and disseminate need-based relevant information electronically to the client;
(10) To serve as an agency of quality improvement for teachers in their respective and interdisciplinary fields;
(11) To make such provisions as would enable affiliated colleges to undertake specialization of studies.